13 September 2006

And then...I die

I've checked all over my uniform, but I still can't find the place where it says "Kill me" on it. Two partners in two days have tried to make the vanbulance one with another vehicle. Large other vehicles.

Partner #1 tried to get us killed by two separate semis. One he tried to pass in the right lane when the truck was making a right turn from the left lane. One just tried to run us over on the freeway.

Partner #2 tried to put a Yukon in my lap by turning in front of it. I swear to you, we were turning onto a 1-way road and he NEVER LOOKED the direction the traffic was coming. I was on the radio with dispatch and I thought I'd help him look since it was probably hard for him to see. Just as I turn to look, he starts to pull out, I shouted a naughty word and he looked at me like I was a crazy psycho and then FINALLY saw the 40 mph Yukon that was about to smash into my door. The worst part about it is that the guy is a total dink and spent all day bitching about all the other drivers and cutting people off, including commenting that he wished he were on his motorcycle so he could just cut between all the cars that were so annoying him.

Yes, I put my life on the line every day in this job - and it may have nothing to do with the patients.

p.s. And yesterday, I put my head on the line too because we transported someone with lice. L-I-C-E! I didn't realize anybody past 3rd grade got those, but ewwww, and they were sending her back to the same nursing home. Just for the record, we left the pillow there.

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Ok OK When do you get to play demolition derby? Just curious.