08 September 2006

Riding with boys

EMS is an interesting field because it has been all men for so long, they don't even bother to act like men instead of boys. In the last week I've had conversations about: the terrible blow jobs suffered by one man from his wife and his fond memories of his last great blow job; the relative hot-ness of various women wandering near; the tramp stamp tattoo and how it leads to the anal sex; and so on. I can't even remember them all, but most of them were inappropriate and if voiced within 2000 feet of a human resources person probably would've resulted in the immediate firing of everyone in the room.

I also spent 2 days this week riding with one of the biggest flirts in the company. When we go to the hospitals, he frequently disappears for 20 minutes or more and if you track him down, he's flirting with a nurse, an aide, admissions people, radiology techs, or pretty much any female under 40 and under 200 lbs. It doesn't bother me to ride with him as long as he doesn't make us late for calls, and even though I don't believe he was sincere, it was entertaining to be told you are pretty or beautiful 6-8 times in an 8 hour period. Yes, he's married. No, he doesn't do anything beyond batting some eyelashes and saying innocuous things. He's one of the people I was warned by some women about when I started at this company, but nobody has any suggestion of anything he's ever done to anyone. He's a Lt. at a fire department, so he's well aware of "the line".

It is interesting insight into the psyche of men though, and there is actually quite a diverse group at this company. Guys who are sports jocks to family men to crazy punk rockers covered in tattoos. The one thing they all agree on though, how much they like to talk about women and sex.

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