06 September 2006

It's official

Just returned from getting the official sign-off on my class. I am hereby qualified to pay $145 to take the national registry exam to become an EMT-Intermediate. When I pass that, I will be qualified to send additional funds to the state so I can be licensed to practice.

Now that class is officially done, I'm going to vent a little. This was BY FAR the single worst class I've ever had the misfortune to pay to take. The lead instructor didn't give a rat's ass about us personally or the class as a whole, including not bothering to show up for several nights of class where things promptly went wrong. The outside lecturers showed up and flipped through the power point slides produced by the book editors (and you can guess how great those were) with no apparent preparation or thought going into the lectures. There were inconsistencies between information given out by guest lecturers and answers on quizzes/exams because those instructors had no input into what we were tested over. Lab instructors were not even trained, had no idea how we were going to be tested, and couldn't run the stations the way the exams were offered. When we got to the hospital and ride-along time, all the feedback about our class was negative and reflected how unprepared we were to be treating real patients. Our instructor claimed we had a "poor attitude", but for most of us, that developed as we realized the impossibility of achieving any actual proficiency from this class.

Ugh. The only thing good I can say about it is at least my job is reimbursing the cost so I don't feel like I was personally screwed out of the $700. Now, onward to learning what I should've been able to do as an Intermediate in 1985 since that is the national test I have to take.

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