24 September 2006

On-call weekend - random thoughts

I've been on-call for the local FD this weekend. Saturday we did not get any calls. None. A whole town of people completely safe and healthy, or at least taking care of themselves, all day. Today we finally got a call - and I missed it. I was sitting next to my pager and somehow it didn't alert to the call. The first I heard of it was the ambulance signing off on scene, so by the time I called dispatch and found out where and what it was, then got dressed, in the car and headed the right direction, they were ready to transport. I was at the station for the second call, which was really nothing interesting, but at least I didn't have to take all the harrassment for missing another call.

Yesterday, we did training for how to hook a hose to a hydrant, how to use the radiation detectors, and helped one of the other volunteers learn to use the stretcher more efficiently - and all together it took more than 5 hours. But now I'm wise, or maybe just wiser, or a wise-ass, I'm not sure.

I also found out this weekend that one of the two guys that is on my "shift" as a volunteer has quit. Nobody quite knows the whole story, but he certainly hasn't been around today and word came from the chief that he was done...so I guess we're down to 2. Kinda sad to lose someone young like that who could've contributed for a long time, but for the particular guy in question, I'm not entirely surprised.

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