16 November 2005

Venison anyone?

Hunting season started last weekend and I think the deer decided to take revenge. Stupid animal ran out in the middle of the freeway this evening, and I committed venison vehicular homicide. I was in the right lane of two northbound lanes and I saw the deer when it was in the median and slammed on the brakes. If I hadn't seen it, I probably would've either missed it or had it hit the rear of the pickup. But, I saw it and tried to stop, so I hit it with the front corner of the truck instead. K was impressed with the damage when he got there, and was actually surprised the airbag didn't deploy, but I think that was mostly because the majority of the breaking happened before I hit the critter.

Thankfully, across the street from our house is a fabulous mechanic with a tow truck and I wrecked in a cell phone coverage area (very rare around here), so I was able to call the insurance company, the state police, the tow truck, and have someone run across the street and get K off the computer which was tying up the telephone line. If I believed in miracles, all those things happening in one evening would probably qualify.

No injuries. No other vehicles involved. One very nice gentleman who stopped to make sure I was okay and had access to a phone. I was going to exercise this evening, but I think I've used up my allotted adrenaline today.

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Erica said...

Stupid deer! Near my hometown is a state park filled with deer. Thank goodness around there it's commonplace to have one of those whistle thingies to stick on your car. I attribute this to the reason why I've never hit one.