01 November 2005

Oh! Oh, Canada!

Just back from our anniversary trip to Montreal and I am reminded of how absolutely FANTASTIC Canada is. I love Canada. What is not to love about a country that has a national hockey night?! I know that Montreal has a bad reputation for being unfriendly to non-French speakers, but I've found that they are just as kind and helpful as other parts of Canada. Even when you get into a situation where the people literally do not speak English, they still do whatever they can to help you out. Maybe they curse me in French when I walk away, but I don't know the difference anyway, so as long as they are smiling and nice, good enough for me.

Above is the restaurant where we ate dinner Saturday night. I had the best French dip sandwich ever, followed by an orgasmic piece of turtle cheesecake. Yes, you read it, I said it. K had a great reuben sandwich and super tasty chocolate layer cake. I don't think I've ever waited to be seated at a restaurant and been so very glad that I did. Usually by the time you make me wait for a table, you've ruined the whole experience, but the food absolutely erased any irritation due to the wait. We almost went back for a second dessert after the hockey game, but we're both trying to return to our girlish figures so we managed to resist the lure.

Sunday was very laid back with a nice slow walk through town and a beautiful bouquet of roses. We found a hole-in-the-wall restaurant at the north end of town that also specializes in smoked meat, and there was a rather long line outside, so thank goodness the weather was nice. Delicious, cheap, huge sandwiches were the feast of the night, and we ate at the counter, so we had a great view of all the meats. A reminder of why I like Canada - we were parked on the street and were trying our best to interpret the sign on the parking meter as to whether or not they charge parking on Sundays, when the gentleman who parked behind us politely told us that you don't have to pay on Sunday, unless you're from New York. I laughed throughout our wait at that.

K's casino experience was not quite everything he hoped for, as he did get to play craps but did not come home any richer. We always have time for Tim Horton's when we visit, and I am amazed that TimBits taste as good as I remember they do. I'm not sure how the Canadians manage to be not as fat as Americans, if I lived there I would probably weigh twice as much.

All in all, a delightful celebration of six years of married life and a reminder of why I'm lucky every day to be with K, even if he sometimes drives me insane and I return the favor for him.

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