07 November 2005


New door was installed in less than 3 hours with the fabulous assistance of a carpenter friend who only took pizza for payment. Amazing how smoothly things go when you have someone who knows what they are doing. K and I still have to stain and finish the door, and then a little more help on the trim work and we should be all set. Company sent us the wrong stupid plastic plugs for the trim, which we discovered after more than an hour of trying to cram them in tiny holes, new ones to arrive in 10 days.

Drinking and driving is a bad idea. 65 mph into the back end of a farm tractor (5 mph) leaves a mark on you and the car, even at 5:30 pm on a work day. Don't tell me you aren't hurt if you've had more than a six-pack in the last hour. Believe me, you are and you just can't feel it.

Hot air ballooning is more dangerous than it appears. Especially when your "pilot" gets you stuck in a tree for over 6 hours and you're 80 years old and can't get out of the basket even when it is on the ground.

Ways to annoy me: after calling for expert assistance on something, stand there and criticize, or offer "suggestions", that the people actually doing the work don't need. Continue even after being told to stop. Repeat for at least two hours.

Basketball season started yesterday, I missed the game, but the team opened with a nine-point loss to one of the good teams. Hockey season tickets start this Friday, oh yeah!


Erica said...

Ok, I want to hire your carpenter friend! And I'm guessing the tractor story happened to someone you know? Cause that's kind of funny-well it is if no one was hurt. :D

Jen said...

Amazingly, there were only minor injuries to the involved parties. Including the guy hanging off the side of the tractor who was launched through the air! So yes, very funny.