15 November 2005


Apparently the honest answer was good enough. After K's interview yesterday, we got a phone call saying they would like to offer both of us jobs. K's even comes with a $5k signing bonus, if he stays 3 years (and we all know how likely that is for a man whose current record is 14 months). But. We found the downside. I asked about pay. You know, the how the heck are we going to shelter and feed ourselves kind of question.

Maybe we can just live at the station, because we certainly aren't going to be able to afford anyplace else. Or maybe they have the take your work vehicle home with you set-up like some of the cops, I think we could live in an ambulance - at least there'd be a place to sleep. After six months I could make just over $9/hr. Plus incentives which might amount to another $1/hr. K could make just over $11/hr. The two of us together will make less monthly than I currently make alone. And then if I go back to school, we'll have to live on half that (plus financial aid which equals student loans).

I think I managed to stay pleasant and sound interested with the human resources person on the phone. Really though, I wanted to cry (actually, I still do). Maybe one of K's local job opportunities will pan out, because we aren't moving across the country for that kind of $$. I think I might call Oregon just to feel better, but I'm afraid her answer won't be any better and then I will have to cry.

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