14 November 2005

Flip, Pick, and Riff

Thanks to Land of Beans for today's creative exercise.

1.FLIP open a dictionary, and point to a word.
2.Type the word into Google images.
3. PICK an image that strikes you.
4.Write a 10-line RIFF on the image.
5. Use the word or meaning of the word at least once in the first five lines of the riff.
6. Tag 3 other bloggers on your list. (I'm just going to tag the one I think will respond)

Word: freeloader

Sitting at the next table was an attractive man working on a laptop, with whom I had exchanged glances on several occasions. Today was the day. I slid my chair over and asked how he felt about freeloaders on his system. He laughed and replied that it was the price of business. Thinking that was a rather liberal attitude, I immediately confessed to having penetrated his system several times when I needed local access.

His reaction was not what I expected. He picked up his laptop and hurried at a near-run out the exit. Seconds later, my screen blinked. A message from him. He didn't think that we should be seen together; after all, there was a price on our heads. And I still didn't know his name.

Tag: Not-so Pregnant.

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lecram sinun said...

Hey, that turned out pretty good!