10 December 2007

Sanity, stage left

Wait, is that my left or your left? I don't see it over here, maybe I left it over there? Under that? "Honey! Did you move my stuff!?!" Crap, it's gone. Sob. I know it's here somewhere, but I don't know if I'm ever going to see it again.

One of the fundamental tensions in our house is my stress-related cleaning and K's need to have everything laying out everywhere. The long-term compromise solution has been that he will keep stuff in "piles" and I will try not to move the piles too far. Anything not in a pile is fair game for being put "away" in a place of my choosing. I try to put things away in the same place, but sometimes I forget that last time I put that mystery box in his bedroom closet and the time before I put it in the coat closet.

K believes this rule null and void during construction projects, and if you asked him, it probably just shouldn't apply to tools at all. So, every minute I'm home, I have to step over tools, around broken cabinets with sharp nails and splintered wood and try and keep a running tally of where (across 5 rooms) we put everything that used to be organized in the kitchen. I made a trip to the dump the other day and managed to throw away at least 3 things he "wanted to keep" or "could put back together". I'm not to clean anything. Watson can't even play because there is no room to throw a toy. Cabinets are supposed to come tomorrow and I don't even know where we are going to put them.

K did not appreciate my attempt at humor when he excavated his ski patrol equipment from a hidey-hole and offered "if there's anything you don't need for a while, I made some room" and I suggested that he wouldn't fit in there.

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