19 December 2007

Kitchen update

Okay, I was going to post some more pictures, but if you get to the end of the slide show, you see where the camera gave out. Good news is that it is a known problem for Cannon and they are going to fix my camera, no charge! (M&D - if yours is still hanging around, they'd fix it too.) Bad news is that now you have to wait to see pics, although I may try a few with the camera on my phone and see if they look reasonable enough.

Verbal update, all the cabinets are out, sink is out. All drywall will be finished hanging tomorrow (needs two of us to lift some remaining pieces). Plan is for first coat of mud/tape finished Saturday, hopefully second coat on Sunday/Monday. After that, primer + texture + paint ceiling, replace the rotted piece of subfloor which was under the sink, and on to tile! No timeline yet for finishing, too much left to do and too many variables for work that will take two of us vs. work that can be accomplished with only one home and all the conflicting schedules.

Re: feedback on the format not lining up properly in IE - I tried changing some of the widths and nothing seems to make Exploder happy. Try Firefox.


dad said...

Never crossed my mind to inquire if the malfunction was repairable by Cannon. The last non-picture is what we had happen in Hawaii.

L, D

B said...

It's a bummer about your site not lining up correctly on IE, but thanks for checking it out for me.

Mom just showed me how to double click on the pictures of your kitchen remodel (don't ask me why I couldn't figure out that if one click didn't work, that two clicks might). It's a great set of pictures. Thanks for sharing it with us!