01 December 2007

In the beginning...

...there was a kitchen. An older, dirty, but functional kitchen. Then an alien mind-control device, contagious psychosis, or some other unexplained phenomenon took over our house. Suddenly, making the kitchen less old, less dirty, and more functional seemed like a good idea. Weeks, perhaps months, of being nearly unable to cook or eat in my own house. "A minor inconvenience." An extended period of dust, dirt, debris accompanied by hammering, sawing and all manners of loud noises. "Sufferable."

Now, staring at bare insulation, naked wire, raw wood, and empty cupboards, I'm beginning to feel as though my period of temporary insanity needs to be extended into purposeful amnesia so I don't have to remember any of this. But I will post pics for you all to enjoy, click on the caption box at the bottom to see the dates and descriptions on the photos.

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