12 July 2009


I can't decide whether some of the situations I encounter on the ambulance make me more sad or angry. First of all, even if your child is "developmentally delayed", calling the ambulance for an "out of control 3 year old" is kinda pathetic. I think maybe you should call your social worker for some parenting classes instead because keeping the 3 year old out until midnight is not a secret for success. And honestly, if your older child is also "challenged" or "special", maybe it isn't such a great idea to allow the next pregnancy to happen, especially when you're already using it as an excuse not to parent the children you already have and there is no partner involved anywhere.


Ellie said...

Dude, when I was there, I went to a house twice in two weeks for a kid who just needed a parent.

Walt Trachim said...

Unfortunately - there are a lot more of those type of broken families out there than we know. Just way too many... And you're right about the "challenged" among us; probably not wise for mom to have more.

Harsh? Yes. True? Also a yes.