09 July 2009


I've written before that I enjoy looking at houses. The sneak peek into someone else's life, the images of what you could do with a space, changes you could make. Just as interesting is the home inspection process. If you've never done it, or somehow missed out on walking around with your inspector, you're missing out on a LOT of information about a place.

We went to the house by school for inspection yesterday. Interesting stuff. Biggest finding was that the boiler is cracked, something we never would've found unassisted. The good news is that the heating system is still working right now, meaning there isn't a worry on frozen pipes from last winter when the house was unoccupied, but a pretty big concern for this winter. This is a negotiable finding from the inspection, meaning we can ask the sellers to fix it or compensate for fixing it in the price. Other findings included a little bit of water leakage at the basement windows and some outdated electrical wiring.

This housing experience is like none other for me. It isn't my money on the line, but it will be my daily activity influencing the remodeling and updating. I've never been involved in a home sale from a trust instead of actual residents. I don't know whether the trust was formed because someone is no longer capable of making financial decisions or because someone died. Looking at the stuff in the house, it could go either way. Now I'm just waiting on the negotiations to find out if this is the place.

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