25 July 2009

A different slice of life

Some folks live places where they know their neighbors by just saying hi in the hallway and moving on about their days. Some live places where they've known people forever and are related to most of them. And then, there are the folks who live in New Hampshire. K and I have made a number of trips to or through the airport in the last couple of years and I have NEVER been through there without seeing someone we know, sometimes, even on our flight. It is extremely weird to me that we live somewhere a thousand miles from family, generally at least hundreds of miles from long-term friends or people from childhood, and we still manage to run into people at the airport. I don't think this happens other places. Other places have enough flights that odds of seeing someone are fairly low. Not here. There is no sneaking out of this state by air, and most of the time, someone you know will even see you on the highway and comment about where you were headed. Just plain odd if you've ever lived somewhere this sort of thing doesn't happen.

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