22 February 2009

Follow up

Some folks have asked about the post earlier this week (or the related facebook update) and I'm sorry, but I don't want to get into the details of the incident in question. There are just times when something happens in your life that makes you take a hard look at yourself and question what you see. What type of person do I want to be? How should I be treating people? How would I prefer to be perceived?

I have never been one of those "sweet" girls. You know, the ones with a nice bit of encouragement or support for everyone, wants to be everyone's friend. I work to take care of my friends and people I care about. When you are my patient, I consider you an important responsibility and I will bust my ass for you. When you are a student or new employee riding with me, I pride myself on giving you everything I can to help you succeed. If you are preventing me from accomplishing these things, I will do whatever I can think of to get you out of my way - even when it isn't very nice.

I don't actively want to hurt people's feelings, but I do have a unique sense of humor which sometimes finds the one thing you wish nobody would notice. I don't enjoy having to rely on people who have proven themselves to be incompetent or plain stupid and I don't always have the patience to coddle their feelings. But the recent incident reminds me that I have to avoid slipping into a "scorched earth" policy with these folks as well.

I am feeling a bit better overall, which helps me find a little more patience, and I've been lucky enough to have a couple new employees who were good at their jobs this week, which helps me find a little more joy in my days. So, thanks for the concern.

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