30 December 2008

New Year

I don't do New Year's resolutions, mostly because I don't usually find the end of the year to be a good time for reflective contemplation. Between the holidays and all the birthdays, the end of the year is more of a time for doing all the stuff that needs to be done. This year, we're traveling (fingers crossed) so maybe a few unoccupied hours at the airports will lead to some decisions.

I'm still struggling with the decision on where to go to school, the two programs I'm stuck between are quite opposite. Rural vs urban, two years of straight science vs starting patient care right away, $57k vs $41k/year, 340 vs 140 students, and yet I'm drawn to each of the programs for the unique features they offer. I believe I could get a good education at either program and that I will make myself into a good physician regardless, but this is still an important decision to me. I want to be at the right place, the place where I'm learning and growing, not fighting the system or the aspects that are holding me back.

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Anonymous said...

We know you will make a good decision. We love you and support you. M&D