15 December 2008


Still no power at the homestead. The wood stove is heating us nicely, with downstairs reaching 70 degrees a couple of times and upstairs now in the mid-sixties. The weather gave us a break today with outside temps reaching mid-fifties. Watson was not convinced about the wood stove at first, but he's now made friends with being toasty warm on half his body and rolling over as needed. He still sleeps upstairs, but then he's always preferred it a bit cooler for sleeping, we've trained him well.

I've never been quite so happy to see power trucks cruising the neighborhood, we've even got international representation with HydroQuebec here to help us see the light. Power came back to the library last night, hence the ability to post, and it was actually all the way to the edge of the neighborhood that we spend a lot of time walking the dog through, but not all the way to our house. I don't know why it grates on me that people who do have power have all their Xmas lights on - it isn't any more wasteful now than it was before the storm, just seems rude when the folks across the street are still shivering by candlelight.

Makes me laugh at myself that the time I post the most is when I have the least convenient means to do so, but I guess sitting in the dark squinting to read with no aural distractions has given me time to think and to write.

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Anonymous said...

Those of us that survived a hurricane understand. Let me know when you hit 8 days and at that point YOU WIN.