01 October 2008

Quick updates

  • Fainting while job shadowing definitely makes an impression on physicians. I've done it twice now, to two separate docs, thankfully not in front of patients. This last one left a lump on my head and had me sent home an hour or so early, thankfully the ME was very nice about it and the dead guy didn't seem to mind a bit.

  • Someone needs to investigate the roving gravitational vortex that seems to cause people to fall down all at once. We will go half a day without a fall dispatch and then suddenly get 5 or 6 in a row. My latest involved a drunk who fell through an open floor in some new construction (I managed not to laugh until after we dropped him at the hospital) and two old people who couldn't get up from the floor.

  • Apps are complete at most of the medical schools, so now I'm just waiting on decisions for interviews. In the words of one admissions officer, "Any time between now and March."

  • The Asian and his wife have a beautiful new baby daughter who I got to hold at the hospital. Healthy and happy, some shoulder dystocia which led to a broken clavicle, supposed to heal on its own in the next 6 weeks, no permanent damage. Based on the number of lawyer sites I found while looking for that link, I guess people sue a lot for it.

  • On a related note, this means that I spent all week working with new guys. All of them with the company less than 3 weeks, two of the three have been paramedics for less than a year and the other one is an Ohio State fan (which is relevant to me as a Michigan grad). Looking forward to having my partner back on Saturday so I don't have to navigate from the patient area of the ambulance.

  • Heard today that I'm the newest education addition at the ambulance company, which is good, I think. It will mean more new people, but in a different role where they are the third person in the ambulance and not the second.

  • Running is kicking my behind lately and I'm having trouble to stay motivated for this last month. Training in the late winter/early spring vs late summer/early fall definitely shows some changes. It was great to be able to run in the warm afternoons and not have to worry about snow, but now it is getting dark and making finding time and motivation harder and harder.


Walt Trachim said...

Congratulation, Jen!

Kick Kessler's behind hard and often. Maybe he'll settle down then.

So - should I consider coming back full-time? Or am I safe right where I am for the moment?


B said...

Eat more often, please! I think you would faint less if your blood sugar stayed higher for longer.

Just a little arm-chair diagnosis from the completely non-medical side of your family.

Jen said...

Apparently the education position is still on the down-low for a little while longer as it hasn't been publicly announced yet. I wouldn't take this as an indication it is safe to return to the co. though...

Ellie said...

Congrats on the new position, (don't worry, I won't tell anyone)
Glad the Asians baby is okay, to bad about the clavicle, should they sue?