27 October 2008


It isn't even 11a and it is already a bad day.

The background: K is out of town at a class for two weeks, coming home on Friday; we have paid a deposit on having the house insulated, the guys came about 5 or 6 weeks ago and said they couldn't do the walls, but would still do the garage at a later date. Supposedly, that later date is today, which means I have to move everything out of the garage before the insulation guys arrive. Including the ladder, lawn mower, power washer, wheel barrow full of crap (sorry "scraps"), shop vac, table saw, and two motorcycles.

The Honda Shadow which I ride is not a problem, I can reach the ground well and I can handle the weight. The Yamaha K rides is a problem. It is a big, heavy bike. I can't reach the ground as well as I would like, so backing it out of the garage onto our hilly driveway is an issue because there is a point where you have to be able to push with your legs to get it around enough to head down the hill. K tipped it once trying to get it out and thankfully there wasn't much damage, but it took two of us to get it upright again.

Today was a different story. I'm alone and when I hit the hill, down I go. Unfortunately, I didn't have the strength to slow it down the way K did so it now has a beautiful assortment of scratches. I did manage to get myself out from underneath it so I'm not hurt. It quickly becomes apparent that I'm unlikely to get it upright by myself. A quick look around the neighbors reveals that everyone I actually have met is not home right now, being a work day and all. A couple of failed attempts by myself and I realize that something is leaking out of the bike. More than one something actually. Antifreeze out one side and gasoline out the other. After removing my pride and placing it on a shelf, I call the FD where K works. Even better for my wounded ego, it is HIS shift that is working today.

Don't worry, they sent me help and we got the bike up. But not before some photos were taken to "share". I don't know why he insisted on this, it isn't like they can mock K for it, he didn't have anything to do with it. So now, I feel foolish and I'm sure he's going to have to hear about it. Bad, bad, bad. There's more issues going on that add up to not a good day, but this is by far the worst because now I have to figure out how to get it fixed, especially the antifreeze hose because I can't figure out where it used to attach. Good thing I'm working overtime this week, I'm going to need the cash.

EDITED 20:37: Good news, the antifreeze leak wasn't really a leak but rather "flow" through an overflow tube. I've never heard of such a thing, but K swears it's true...

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