12 October 2008

I don't have the power

So, noticeable lack of posting lately is due to complete lack of energy and inability to write about things that are suitable for public consumption. I'm struggling with a renewed sense that I need to watch my back 24-7, be entirely politically correct in all forums and at all times and generally not enjoy life quite so much any more. Can I have fun and not offend people? Maybe, but not lately. I'm undecided on continuing to post here at all but I promise to let you know if I quit entirely.


Walt Trachim said...

Don't quit, Jen.

It's really better to use this as a place to bounce frustrations, ideas, hopes, fears, etc., off of the rest of us. And sometimes it's hard to do this - I know it to be true. However, if you stop, then the things that vex you will have won you over.

So, please - don't quit.

Ellie said...

I second what walt says. Blogging is good for the soul. And who cares who you offend?
Besides, where else will I get my rock updates?!