15 September 2008

I think she missed the point

Dispatched for an assault, person choked by their neighbor.

On scene, find three little girls running around the sidewalk, one of them flagging us down, and a trashy-looking woman coming out of the door at the address. I walk to the woman, the medic to the girls. "What's going on today?" "That little brat was fighting with the neighbors." "Who are you to her?" "Her mother. Not that she listens." "And she got choked?" This is followed by a string of profanity about her daughter and fighting all the time with the neighbor kids and a whole lot of nothing useful.

"Do you want us to take her to the hospital to get checked out?" "Hell no. There's nothing wrong with her. (At least we agree about that!!) She called 911, ask her what she wants." "Ma'am, you're her legal guardian, so if you don't want us to take her to the hospital, I need some information from you and your signature." "You know, someone should teach these kids that 911 is serious business." "Yes ma'am, somebody should."

Amen sister, somebody should teach this kid a whole lotta things she doesn't seem to know before she gets any older and a not-so-gentle man teaches her some of the other things she should've learned at home.

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