05 September 2008


At the ambulance co, the inmates are running the asylum. The morale at the north station has gotten so bad that there are days I don't even want to go to work. From the rumor mill, apparently the south station is fine because there are more "established" employees there who just don't give two figs for anyone other than themselves. But here, we are agitated. We are tired of seeing good people leave, tired of seeing people get screwed, tired of having no leadership, tired of bitchy phone calls trying to fill shifts.

I've tried to be a reasonable influence, complain when things are beyond unreasonable, let some things roll off, talk calmly and logically to folks about the issues. I don't know that it has had much effect, but I've tried to keep a positive attitude when I'm at work (at home I let some of the negativity out). So I took a big step, a training position came open and I applied for it. Given the state of things, I don't have high expectations of being hired for it, but that isn't the point. The position allows me to keep working my shift with my partner, but adds the responsibility of helping orient new employees to the company and work with anyone they send for "extra" education. I'm hoping that if I get the spot, maybe, just maybe, I can make a dent on the attitude of new hires. I've given up on the old hacks, but if new people understand that there are folks here who care about the standards we're supposed to be held to and that it is reasonable to try and live to them, maybe that will help.

Or maybe you can just sign me up for the neat white coat and padded room right now.

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Ellie said...

Sweet, Good luck! I'll come back and boost morale, one day...once you sort out all the stupid complainers.