07 November 2007


  • I addressed the salary question with HR and they "investigated" and decided to up my salary to $x+0.30/hr retroactive to April, then $x+0.92/hr after my evaluation this month. Because I'm a "valued employee". And I'm now sworn to the confidentiality of my new salary to help support morale...ha!
  • K and I decided to buy the new microwave now and rig up a temporary set up to use it until we can officially install it. We aren't using the convection oven settings now because I'm not sure how the heat gets vented, but I'm guessing that 3" of space underneath probably isn't enough.
  • The home equity loan isn't closing until next Wednesday, so we're trying to figure out whether we're missing out on any good sales if we wait that long.
  • I've been sick for the last two days, achy and miserable. Strangely like the flu I'm not supposed to get because of my flu shot. No respiratory symptoms though, and that is usually the first thing I come down with when I get sick.
  • I checked in with the school I interviewed with in September and I'm still on the no decision made list.

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