23 November 2007

Shopping success

Sometimes, success is a matter of knowing what you want and limiting your expectations. K and I usually go shopping together on "Black Friday", 5 or 6 am will find us waiting in line in the cold for some good deal. We do a fair amount of our gift shopping and at least as much buying for ourselves. Everywhere we went, we were early enough to get the specials. Anybody still wondering for what this year's "it" gift is going to be, I think I can pretty conclusively tell you it will be GPS navigation systems.

Today, I think we topped ourselves. I believe total spending was in excess of $1600. Of course, $999 was for the 46" LCD HD TV we waited in line at 4:30 at Sears for. Temperatures dropped last night and the wind picked up this morning, so the crowd was pretty much huddling for warmth. I didn't see any trampling, but we didn't go to ToysRUs or WalMart, both of which had some vicious crowds.

K also bought a compound miter saw, an 18v cordless drill, and a compressor with nail gun. All for the kitchen project, of course. At least that store didn't have much of a line. I think the manager there is going to know K personally before this entire project is over. So new TV and new tools = happy husband today.

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