16 April 2007


I haven't done much posting lately because I feel like I'm in a holding pattern. I'm waiting for the last two medical schools to crush my dreams or give me nightmare debt. I'm riding on the ambulance waiting to find out who my new partner is - I heard a rumor the other day that he's been sighted and the best anybody could tell me is that he looks like so-and-so, but with glasses. That information really didn't help my insecurity because appearance isn't the issue. I'm trying to figure out how to manufacture enough hours in the day for race training and there are only so many times I could write - "ran a lot today. tired now, body hurts." before even my family would quit reading.

Today there has been a small change. The school from the second interview made an admissions decision on my application. Wait list. Why am I not surprised? At least I'm getting better at waiting. Now the question is, do I succumb to the encouragement of the admissions office and be a pest, repeatedly declaring my undying love for their institution in the hopes that they will admit me? Is any medical school better than no medical school, or do I learn from my experiences there that this is not the right fit and let it go?

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Pregnant In Texas said...

No, I'd continue reading you even if all you wrote about was being sore from running, but that's just because we lived in the same uterus at one point (although not at the same time).

Did I mention that I've been thinking about you? I was going to call you this weekend, but the vortex of my couch and bed (two of my favorite places to nap) were too strong and I couldn't resist the tempting snare of a good nap.