18 April 2007

MD process

  • 18Apr07: Wait listed by school from 1Mar interview
  • 16Apr07: Wait listed by school from 29Mar interview
  • 29Mar07: On-campus interview
  • 23Mar07: Third school invitation for interview (apparently app was complete)
  • 1Mar07: On-campus interview
  • 28Feb07: Rejection without interview to second school, third school application never considered complete due to missing reference letters
  • 5Feb07: Invitation for interview at one school received
  • 18Jan07: Fielding questions from interested supporters, but no news from the schools themselves
  • 25Dec06: Rejection without interview to first preference school
  • 14Nov06: All reference letters returned to schools
  • 30Oct06: Secondary applications returned to all schools
  • 02Oct06: Secondary application information for remaining two schools received
  • 28Sep06: AMCAS review completed
  • 08Sep06: Secondary application information for second school received
  • 06Sep06: Recommendation letters requested
  • 30Aug06: Secondary application information for first school received
  • 28Aug06: Transcripts received, application in line to be reviewed at AMCAS
  • 21Aug06: Application submitted to AMCAS
  • Apr06: MCAT taken

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