26 April 2007


I was eating dinner in a local fast food burger joint on Tuesday night and had ended up sitting next to a mother who was eating dinner with her little boy (probably around 4-5 years old). She was having the usual struggle of getting him to eat what she wanted him to eat in a reasonable amount of time. He immediately noticed me as a suitable distraction and spent some careful time evaluating the situation. His conclusion? "Mom, that girl is eating without her kid. Why doesn't her kid get to eat?" His mom tried to smooth things over with, "Maybe she doesn't have any kids. Eat your chicken strips." I tried not to laugh too much because he was clearly watching for my reaction.

Today I ran an 8 mile training run. During mile 6 I was feeling wiped out and just trying to get to the mailboxes at #15 for the next mile marker. I could see them just ahead and generally pay little to no attention to traffic on the other side of the street so I didn't notice the pickup heading my direction. I didn't notice until the 17-18 year old guy driving it felt the need to lean way out the window and whooo-whooo at me. I was too tired to laugh, but still a bit stunned because it has been quite a while since someone made lewd noises at me on the side of the road.

In both cases, K was entirely too amused when he heard about it later. So apparently I look like a mother who has left her child in the car away from fast food AND someone worth whooo-whoooing at.

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