30 January 2007

Venting in progress (teakettle whistling here)

Augh!!! I don't wanna do it any more!!! Screw you guys, I'm going home!! Oh yeah, I'm already home, but still... I'm sick and tired of dealing with people who continue to send annoying emails complaining about work I've done and things that are yet to do and for whom nothing is ever good enough. I'm not allowed to make any independent decisions, do work that actually reflects my training and interests, and am generally being treated like a slow or special 12 year old with a history of goofing off. Which, quite frankly, makes me want to behave like a slow or special 12 year old and goof off. K and I went out for greasy cheeseburgers for lunch so I could calm down a bit and actually accomplish something in the afternoon. Yoga tonight helped too, so now I'm more angry than furious and I just need to figure out what to do.

I'm wavering on the fence for quitting the office job entirely. Part-time there pays more than full-time on the ambulance, but at some point I'm just not going to put myself through this anymore. It was why I wanted to make a change in the first place - but how do I justify cutting my finances like that when I'm not even in school yet? I think the idea of leaving is probably better than the reality, but the possibility is tempting...

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Anonymous said...

You didn't realize that you work with little kids? It is the same in many offices. There is always the kid that knows it all and will tell you when you are wrong. And is probably not right, but you can't tell them. The kid that is always whinning. You are the only adult there, believe me.