11 January 2007

One hit wonders

Worst nursing home afternoon activity (actually seen): "Who am I?"

Proof that I'm not yet completely corrupted (I had to see this sign twice to understand why my partner thought it was funny): "Man servicing scrub machine"

Best thing supposed to happen this week: New boots, with zippers! So I don't have to think so hard about laces for middle of the night calls

Second biggest annoyance at ambulance co.: Being sent a list of dispatch times and asked to "Send PCR immediately" when the call happened over a month ago and I turned in the paperwork at the time.

Biggest annoyance at ambulance co: Whatever they're putting in the water at dispatch to make everyone so damn grumpy

Good news from FD: New operating plan means that for now, K still has a job. He has to sometimes work out of the south station, which has actual mice and other vermin infesting it, but at least he gets to work.

Good news from FD part 2: I have to take ICS (incident command) training and was supposed to go take it with the FF class I took Haz-mat with, but I got approval to take it on-line instead!

Worst quality in a partner: inability to lift. My body aches today from working yesterday with someone who admits she can't lift.

This is de-lurking week, so say hi sometime so I don't think I'm just talking to myself. Not that there's anything wrong with talking to myself....

EDITED TO ADD: Biggest waste of an hour this week: Armed and Famous, these people aren't even celebrities and yes, I was coerced into watching this when nothing else was on.

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Pregnant In Texas said...

I'll start the delurking week....HI!!!

Call me soon please!