31 December 2006


The last few weeks have been a blur of almost continuous residence on an ambulance. I can tell you for sure I worked every day between 12/24 and 12/30, and I don't really remember anything before that. I'm sure there were good interesting calls in there somewhere, but I've been running on autopilot so nothing really sticks.

I had one call where I had to ask my partner at the hospital whether he'd started an IV because I'd been away from the patient for 10 minutes and honestly couldn't remember. Normally, I write all that sort of information down because it is important for the run form, important to tell the hospital and just generally good to know, but somehow I'd just lost it. I had a hard enough time writing the report because I was trying to explain what happened to the patient because we were the second ambulance on-scene and I got a lot of conflicting reports from the other ambulance, the firefighters and the patient.

I've actually had two days off in a row now because I took this weekend away for K's birthday today. We're having a low-key celebration and he's making prime rib for dinner since we didn't really do Xmas dinner this year (I don't think the mac and cheese counts). Next month is lighter duty on the ambulance according to the current schedule and K has asked that we try and schedule things a little differently to make sure someone's around for the hound so hopefully I won't be quite so insane and with any luck I'll actually get a med school interview sometime...

Have a happy New Year!

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