20 August 2006


I'm going to invoke the word we do not say in EMS in the hopes of getting a few interesting calls today. Things at the FD have been slow. Very, very slow. Thursday we did two calls all night. This is my volunteer weekend and yesterday we had 2 calls (one was a lift assist) and a cancellation, and that was it in 24 hours. We've had one call today so far...slow.

The medic working today got bitten by some sort of bug on Friday and his arm is incredibly swollen today. Yesterday it didn't look nearly that nasty, but today it seems pretty clear he's going to need medical intervention. He showed it to one of the ER docs this morning, asking whether he should get it checked out and the doc's response was "Hell yes!" Kinda sucks 'cause he's one of my favorites and he might not be there if we get a call later. The other medic on this shift I've never really worked with, and from all rumors that sounds like a good thing - so maybe I shouldn't be hoping we get more calls, but I am anyway.

Edited 8/21: So, we did get more calls - all night long. Serves me right for wishing for more work. The medic came back after a dose of IV antibiotics and a prescription for more and he sent the volunteers (specifically me) with one patient of our own and one patient he worked with one of the younger guys taking the lead...exactly the reasons he rocks.

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