27 August 2006

Last day of ride time

I finished my last day of ride time last week and now I just have to pass the final cumulative written exam and the practical stations and I am D-O-N-E with this class!!! Ride time was fine, it was my only day at the station I work out of, so it was nice to ride with people I'm more comfortable with. I think I did okay - definitely more performance anxiety because these are people that I need to have respecting my skills and wanting to work with me, or I'm still going to be stuck on a transfer truck regardless of my certification. I went on several calls with one of the supervisors and several with one of the other medics who let me start 2 IVs (successfully!) and push D50. Several people were reasonably impressed that I pushed D50 through a 22 gauge catheter (22 is a pretty small diameter and D50 is 50% dextrose solution which is about the consistency of molasses, not easy to push through a small opening).

Today is my first day completely off of work, of any kind, in quite a while. K is even home today and we've been taking advantage of some dreary weather to relax and take it easy inside. We were supposed to fix the hole in the ceiling today while there were two of us to lift drywall, and to finish the long-postponed shopping, but neither of us really feels like it. No big plans for the holiday weekend, just a softball party on Friday (we lost out of the playoffs this week) and then hopefully some med school apps to work on if they're here by then.

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