31 August 2006

Final exam

Last night was the final in-class exam for Intermediate class. I passed the written test easily and felt good about all the practical stations. At the end of the night, I found out that I failed two practical airway stations (they were both completed at the same time) because I forgot to say that I would wear gloves. Stupid reason to fail because I always put on my gloves before I even get out of the ambulance, but a failure criteria anyway. So I get to go back next week and retake those stations.

I was going to go back next week anyway because our instructor conveniently "forgot" to have our course evaluations ready for us last night and he definitely needs the feedback. He needs it so much that several people have written to the state certification department about what the program needs and whether they should even be certified at all.

I also managed to get suckered in to an 8 hour shift on Saturday and covering half a shift on Sunday, so instead of having the whole weekend off, I really just have Monday off. I'm such a sucker for a sob story...


Anonymous said...

Its cause you are a nice person.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, that "scene safe, BSI" requirement is a killer. I *know* I said it, but in practically every station the evaluator didn't hear me. Next time, I actually wore gloves for the darned things.