18 October 2005

The sun will come up sooner or later

Gather job history, references, other assorted paperwork. Check.
Complete application. Check.
Send application to prospective employer. Check. Gulp!

The first application is out the door. A baby step on the way to something different, but a huge emotional commitment to moving on. A few indecisive days, and some nights of troubled sleep and I'm on my way.

I've also discovered that it is sort of a weird position to be the weak link. My husband is more qualified, more experienced, and more highly trained than I am in this new field. Thus, if we are going to get job offers in the same location, it is likely that they will want him and give me a job just to make sure he comes. He's never been in quite the same position because usually we just move where I can get a job and I support us until he finds something he wants to do. But now, I feel like I'm going to have to prove myself qualified to anyone who knows (or assumes) how I got my job. I know that connections are always the secret to getting where you want to go, so I'm certainly not concerned about that, but it is always good to feel you've earned something by your own qualifications. Oh well, maybe they'll at least interview me and pretend they care.

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