25 October 2005

Not Amused

A view of my afternoon, and there is supposed to be another 24 hours of rain changing to snow changing to rain and back again. Forecasted accumulation: 3-6". K may be in it up to his knees before he leaves work tomorrow morning. None of our vehicles have snow tires on yet. The new car doesn't even have a windshield scraper. Who could ask for anything more!

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Pregnant In Texas said...

At least it is beautiful. Should I post a picture of Friendswood so everyone could compare? Better yet, I could post a picture of the 5th ward of Houston and the scary guy that harasses me everyday on my way home from work.

Do you know that D and I actually had a conversation about how we could ship the Honda's snow tires to you? I was like, "Dad - give it up. I don't own a trucking company and I'm not donating the car with just rims."

If that isn't love....well, then...I don't know what is.