13 October 2005

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I feel as though I have a lot to say lately and I'm heading into a "transitional" period in my life, so maybe some random passer-by or close confidante will have helpful or insightful advice or commentary to give me. In return, I will attempt to entertain you with episodes from my past and present to keep you reading and helping me.

What transition am I referring to? Well, I've described it to people as my very first mid-life crisis, and I reserve the rights to have additional crises as I see the need. Although I hope I'm not really at mid-life yet, I have achieved a point where my life is stable and utterly unfulfilled, and I waver back and forth between wanting to "DO SOMETHING" with my life, and just wanting to chuck it all, run away, live under a bridge, or do something else equally irresponsible. If you actually know me, you know that I'm generally perfectly predictable and I've traveled through life as though AAA gave me a strip of road map to some destination. Lately though, it is more like someone gave me an entire atlas - full of exciting destinations and uncountable routes to arrive there! But, where do I want to go? What if I don't like it there? Can I really leave this narrow map and face the possibility that I will never actually arrive anywhere? Or that I might have to give up and come back?

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