26 September 2009

Exam results

Results were returned to us on Wednesday and I passed everything and medical school moves on. Grades are returned as percentages, even though they are officially recorded as Fail, Pass, High Pass and Honors. How that differs from an A/B/C/F system, I'm not really clear. You are not "high pass" compared to everyone else, you're just reaching the high pass standard for grades. With this set of exams I am now halfway through my first courses. Most courses are not cumulative for the next exam, but there were two courses that did not participate which are cumulative. (Of course everything is cumulative in the larger sense because board exams cover everything you were supposed to learn!)

In the grand scheme of things, official "terms" have little meaning because EVERY course I'm in continues into the next term. There is a big turnover after the second term because anatomy (including histology and embryo), physiology and biochem end. I'm not sure what comes after that because all the calendars I've been given only go until February, but I'll deal with those when they show up. Studying carries on, hopefully at a reasonable pace so I can continue my grades.


Ellie said...

well done, Jen, good luck!

B said...

YAY!!!! You rock. I knew you'd do great.