20 June 2009


Sometimes I wonder whether the ambulance job has changed me, or just let my natural inclinations shine through. We went on a call for a fall with possible broken ankle, usually calls like this are just sprains and an over-reaction from whomever was being helpful enough to call. This time I walked around the corner of the ambulance just in time to see The Asian lift the woman's leg a little and see a bone end poking up under the skin. Ouch.

The patient was convinced she was fine, arguing it wasn't broken and this was all just silly. Of course, the day-long alcohol binge might have a little something to do with that. She even offered to get up and walk back in the bar. I voted that we should let her, just for the entertainment value. No point in arguing with a drunk since they're immune to logic, just let her prove to herself that she should go with us. Unfortunately, it is a bit against protocols to let her fall down again. Still, it would've been entertaining.

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