20 August 2008

Only in the movies, or maybe TV

In response to this post on things patients expect to happen because they see them in the movies. I had a recent interaction with a patient where I thought pretty much the same thing.

On scene of a two car accident, one car pretty smashed up, spun 180 degrees, cool skid marks on the pavement, the whole deal. Driver was fine but a bit unsettled by the whole thing. I was talking with her about how it happened when she suddenly stands up and looks at the rear of her car, "Oh my god! Look, he almost hit the gas tank. Oh that would be horrible. What would've happened then?" I promise, I tried not to laugh. "Ma'am, it wouldn't have exploded or anything. That only happens in the movies." "But, but...the gas tank!?" "Yes, I see it. It would've made a puddle and been kind of inconvenient, but no explosions or anything."

She still didn't believe me.

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