28 August 2008

Hurricane preparedness

Today the ambulance co. asked for volunteers to potentially deploy to the southern US if FEMA should request them for areas affected by the hurricane. I actually had to go search around for which hurricane we were referring to, the last one I heard about was Faye. But this readiness is related to Gustav, which is still at least 4-5 days from the landfall in the US.

I'm not sure how I feel about all this agitation over a storm that is difficult to predict. My family tried to evacuate per government orders for an oncoming hurricane (Rita) that missed their area but left them stranded on the highway, out of gas with a small child. After watching the limited and difficult disaster response to other natural disasters, I'm torn between get people out of the way and just get them as much help as quickly as possible. The US highway system is not designed for the amount of traffic it handles daily, much less when you try to evacuate a large metropolitan area.

I did volunteer to go, but the means of selection within the company are kept in a locked box in a mysterious smoke-filled room, so even if we get tapped to send people and/or trucks, who knows whether I'll go. I feel like I would want people ready and willing to come help my family so I should be willing to help others. Just thought you'd want to know, I'll try to post either way.

EDITED 8/29: Definitely not going, the selection process didn't go my way.

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