14 May 2008

Call of the day

Dispatched for a seizure, have EMT-I student with us, updated to possible stroke. On arrival, patient standing outside dirt-bag apartment area saying he woke up from a nap and his arm is numb and he can't feel his face but his legs are fine. I use all my mystical evaluation skills and walk with him the 2-3 feet to the ambulance and have him flop on the stretcher. I start in with history questions, which basically amount to no relevant history and he might have type 2 diabetes. The stu gets vitals, does a stroke scale, finds nothing except a patient who shouted mighty loudly when he was poked with a sharp object in his "numb" arm, startling the stu. I ask the patient what he thinks is happening, "I might be getting the flu. Everyone else here has it." I muffle my laughter, pointed away from the stu so he doesn't get any hints what is going on with our patient. Patient flops again onto hospital bed. I'm working on the write-up and the stu asks what I think was going on because he's a bit confused. I try to be nice about it but the simple answer, "He slept on his arm," makes the stu laugh until he realizes I'm serious.

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Ellie said...

Hahaha! That is priceless!