08 October 2007

Quick points

I have so many things rattling around in my noggin to write about that I don't want to forget, so here's a quick update on the things I may write about later.
  • Is there something wrong with you when the most jaded and detached people find you strangely unmoved by a difficult ambulance call? Call was for an unconscious infant, updated en route to CPR in progress, ultimately a death from unknown causes. I was on an overtime shift and we had a paramedic student with us who had never seen a code before, much less a pediatric one. Medic later told stu, "Don't worry, these are hard calls. Not everyone is as unemotional as she is." Thankfully, I'd already had a conversation with stu about the call, so I think he knew that wasn't really the case. I do seem to be attracting bad calls lately though.
  • I don't normally give you much information about my reading choices, nor endorse or pan books I've read but "Isolation Ward" was great. I find that I enjoy novels, shows or movies that have characters I can relate to or ones I could imagine myself as and this book really hit the spot. I also enjoyed "Iron Ties" which is the second book in the series - as usual I read them out of order, so I just finished "Silver Lies" and I'm glad I started with the second one because it was much better.
  • The fire station had open house on Friday and K was dangling from a rope as part of the big show to impress the kids. I'll try and post a pic later.
  • We've got company in from out of town for a couple of days from MI, so we're hitting up some of the local highlights. Every time people visit, we come up with more things to see so eventually we'll actually be able to have suggestions for folks.

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