24 October 2007

It figures

K and I are currently a bank check away from starting a kitchen remodel. And by "starting" I mean actually ordering the cabinets and such and waiting the 4-6 weeks for them to arrive so we can start my personal hell of home remodeling. So of course, yesterday the counter top microwave decided to shoot blue sparks and try to burn down the house. Being the good firefighter he is, K decided to shut it down and unplug it so there wasn't actually a fire. After reconsidering, he kinda wishes he'd let it go a bit and burn some of the ugly cabinets so that the insurance would cover some of the remodel, but I'm not a big fan of insurance fraud nor potentially out of control fires so I think he did the right thing.

The new kitchen layout includes an over the range microwave to save some counter space. The current cabinet over our range is too big to install a microwave there. No other cabinet in the kitchen is actually 30" wide and NOT over the only available counter space in the kitchen. As far as I can find on the internet, it is verboten to set an over the range microwave directly on to the counter top.

I'm the type of girl that really can't go 8-10 weeks with no microwave, my favorite food is anything K already cooked that I can just zap quickly. So I guess I'm going to have to take the Asian up on his offer of one of their spares at a reduced cost. Just figures that it would break now though.

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