08 July 2006

Get back on and ride

Okay, back from family obligations and returning to work of all types. Unfortunately, EMT work is down significantly with the training of one new full-time vanbulance person. I'll still be volunteering with the FD, but July and August could get tight financially so I'm not sure what I'll be doing to make some extra cash on the side, but the extra time to study for the next MCAT in August will be gratefully accepted.

Class is moving along, and in honor of being able to do new things, I've purchased my very own stethoscope in carribean blue, with a hip holster which made K jealous. Not as cool as DTs', but a workable Littman II SE lightweight. Now I don't have to worry about sharing ear cooties with anyone else in the vanbulances. Our clinical time in the hospital starts next week, so I'll be officially sticking people with IVs, checking out heart rhythms, and doing any scut work the nurses pass off to me. Hopefully I'll get some good skills practice in and maybe even see something cool here and there. I know it is too much to hope that I'll actually get to intubate someone, but that would R-O-C-K!!

Today also led to the important discovery that I haven't been taking my meds - which could explain why I feel especially like crap and would prefer not to budge from bed for at least 12-14 hours, which I certainly don't have time for. But, when finally awakened, I now have a clean and sparkly car, notecards for all the drugs I need to learn about before I give them to people, a 2-mile jog followed by some weightlifting for good measure, 4 clean loads of laundry and 1 load of dishes, and a dog who enjoyed his evening walk. And it isn't even bed time yet...

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