29 July 2006

'Cause I'd be good, mmmkay?!

I've been thinking continuously and working sporadically on my "why I want to be a doctor" essay for the medical school application. It is a very hard question to answer honestly in a way that will make admission people want to let me in. Somehow I think that "I just do" is not the 1 page answer they are seeking. "Advice" books/people/websites suggest that this is my opportunity to let them know what kind of person I am, what formed me and shaped me, and why I'm going to be a great doctor. A chance to let them in on the intangible qualities that aren't going to show up elsewhere in the application - even though it is pretty much a cavity search of everything I've ever done.

I have to find other people to submit letters that I am a wonderful person and not going to be a doctor just for the ego trip, or the access to drugs, or the ability to torment people or something. And it might help if they were willing to swear that they would let me treat their children or parents or maybe even themselves.

Worst of all, I have to decide which schools to apply to, and then explain to them why I really want to go to "Quackery School of Medicine" and how it would be such a great fit for me because I'm so wonderful and have feathers and quack and all that, just like everyone else there! And I would make them so proud and donate lots of money when I graduate!

So, I'm feeling a little like it would be more productive to stand in the corner and bump my head against a wall all day - but I shall persevere and I will convince someone to let me in to medical school, even if I have to grow feathers..."I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And gosh darn it, people like me!!"

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Pregnant In Texas said...

I like you, even without feathers. Sorry we didn't get a chance to talk this weekend.