19 August 2011

Psych-ed out

A week in psychiatry:
10 ADHD kids getting medication refills
1 hour lecture on psychiatry
2 hours group therapy for substance abuse
1 intake H&P for substance abuse
16 hours on call with behavioral emergency group responding to local EDs and consults
1 morning of general lecture information
1 afternoon in a small community emergency department (Usually the best part of the week)
5 more ADHD kids getting medication refills

And that is why I am glad psychiatry is half over.  I don't care that I have "plenty of time to read" and prepare for the end of service exam, I am bored bored bored. There are a few other things coming up, like rounds on the geriatric psych unit, but I'm not holding out a lot of hope. Beyond being bored, I'm discouraged that I feel like I haven't learned anything beyond my textbooks.  I still don't know what a schizophrenic acts like or a histrionic personality disorder patient. I'm not that excited about OB/Gyn in general, but working with a doc who fairly lives at the hospital and seeing patients, performing skills and generally learning stuff on the job sounds like a vast improvement right now.  I'm writing this in part to remind myself in 6 weeks that I shouldn't complain about OB/Gyn wearing me down!!

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