26 January 2011

Pumps and pipes

Currently studying the cardiovascular system so thinking about plumbing, pipes, pumps and the failure of these components.  For some reason, the physical aspects of hearts and vessels make sense to me in a way that my limited understanding of flow-related physics suggests they should not.  Subtle nuances of ECGs are not my cup of tea but electricity was an even worse topic for me in physics.  Working on the ambulance has finally come in handy for something though, I know more about ECGs than I thought by virtue of seeing hundreds and listening to folks trying to decode them or teach others to understand them.

Other pumps and pipes in my life are not being so cooperative.  After months of struggling with the temperature, I finally found someone to fix the electrical problem at the school house which was causing the upstairs to be unnecessarily hot.  Then the downstairs heat at our house seized up.  When it was -15.  All is repaired now but I don't really want to think anymore about pumps and pipes.

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