11 March 2009

What is that smell?

That, my friends, is the tangy, bitter smell of rejection. 'Tis the season for med school rejection letters again, and even though I'm accepted elsewhere, the rejection letters never feel good.

What they said: "You can be confident that the decision on your application was made with careful attention to your academic record, MCAT performance, extracurricular activities, and letters of recommendation. Rest assured that your application received a thorough, sensitive, and judicious review."

Translation: Don't call us and complain that you didn't get in. We read your stuff and we still didn't want you. And as for sensitive, well, we didn't laugh directly in your face and that's pretty darn sensitive.

What they said: "Although this does not end what we are sure is an unpleasant waiting period for you, your desire to become a physician, your understanding of the requirements, and your perseverance are commendable."

Translation: We're not even taking you all the way off the list just so we can string you along for a few more weeks. You appear to enjoy bashing your head into a brick wall so why don't you just go right ahead and keep on doing it because we're enjoying the entertainment.

What they said: "The Committee on Admissions wishes that the admissions process were such that it could accommodate you and all the fine candidates who apply for admission."

Translation: We seriously wish we could get more money out of you somehow, but unfortunately, there are rules against charging you fees for waiting on our list for months. If only there was a way to let you pay course fees without actually admitting you...hmm, we'll be sure to let you know when we figure it out.


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we love you! :)

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Does this mean we will be seeing you at UNECOM come August?