05 January 2009

What happens in Vegas

...ends up here. Well, parts of it anyway. K and I have seen Neil Diamond in concert, watched Anthony Cools perform hypnosis and listened to lounge acts. Family gathered to renew connections and catch up with everyone as they gradually cultivate their own lives away from the center. We've gambled at slots, video poker and craps, winning a little, losing a little and watching time go by. We've wandered up and down the strip, through the casinos, marveling at the excess and the sheer volume of money wasted day after day, hour on top of hour. I've remembered how fantastic it is to live in a state with smoke-free bars and restaurants as today my lungs decided every additional breath of smoke was going to result in a wracking cough. All in all, a decent vacation, but I'm looking forward to home, relaxing with no expectations, petting the hound and not smelling like an ashtray.

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